A quick Break with a cruise, then part 3 of the Dorade Box Series

A new Blog Post this week will be coming up in a few days.  I have been on a trip and doing a bit of sailing ourselves (but it was on a much larger boat, A cruise ship).  Part 3 of our Dorade Box series is coming up in a few days when I can get an internet connection that can handle the last video upload which is about 20 minutes long.  (I was informed by someone that I was not working on a Dorado box, but rather a Dorade box.  Dorado, is a fish, Dorade is the box on deck to separate water and air as it flows down into the cabin)

Keep an eye out on your email and your Youtube Subscriptions for this to release later this week.

In the mean time, enjoy a little photo of a lovely gaff rigged schooner we saw sailing into the sunset on Key West today.