Awards, Show and KeyWest's "Duval Crawl"

This is a continuation of last weeks post from a cruise we took in the Bahama's and Key West.  This is the Key West portion.  For any of you that have not been there, I HIGHLY recommend it.  It was a blast.

This started out by leaving out of Stirrup Cay in the Bahamas on our way to Key West.  We arrived in the morning and went about checking out the island on a little tour train.  This allowed us to see a bunch of cool sites and then decide what we wanted to see.
We went to the maritime museum on how they recovered a sunken ship treasure.  It was really interesting and after searching for this ship for years, they adopted the motto "Today's the day".  Well they finally found it and it had over a half of Billion dollars in gold on it.  Pretty amazing stuff.

The night of the trip to Key West there  was an award ceremony and then a broadway style musical featuring a lot of 70's music.  The show was called "Age of Aquarius" and it was really entertaining to be done on a moving ship.  I have attached a youtube video at the bottom of this post (or a link to it) and you can check out some of the show clips.

It was really cool to be recognized for my 7th year of achieving Legend Makers at my company and while I was really disappointed that my lovely bride (Deb) could not attend with me, It gave me a chance to take my Mom.  It was neat for her to see how well the company treats us and fun to see her checking out some local adventures.  She enjoyed the shows on the boat too which I was relieved of because I was not sure how much you would be able to feel the motion in the theatre at the back of the ship. - Jeff Harris on stage
Then it was on to Duval Street for checking out some local bars and pubs.  We went into an Irish Pub and I really found this to be a cool place.  There was a singer songwriter there and he was phenomenal.  I was so entertained by his caribbean country sound (think Toby Keith crossed with Jimmy Buffet and a huge does of "Laid Back"  This guy was great and the good news is that you can get his CD's on line and see where his upcoming shows are.  I listened so intently and found him really entertaining.  (Jeff, I hope you don't mind that I have a bit of your music playing in the video below)

Considered this as a tattoo
We did some sightseeing and I even went and got a temporary tattoo so I could see if I might want to get a permanent one in that location.  I am not married tot he location but I do think that the idea of getting a tattoo is really growing on me, now I just have to find the design elements and location on my body that I really want to put it.

Below is a youtube video showing the highlights of the trip including some onboard shows, Key West and some great music on Duval St for your viewing pleasure. If you are receiving this blog via email or on a device that won't play the embedded video, click this link for the video directly on Youtube.  The link is