Organizing the Galley & Making Smoothies

This week was all about getting the galley a little bit more organized.  Our Grandkids, Chasity and McKinlee came to live with us and this meant that we needed to get a bit of order on the boat to keep it from getting too crazy cluttered.

We started by taking all of our food stock items out and putting them on the table, floor, counter etc.  We then grouped things into logical groups such as spices and mixes, baking goods, snacks, milk and cereal stuff.  This then allowed us to see which items we should put in which cabinets/cupboards.

We wanted to make it easy for the kids to get to the dried fruit and nuts as snacks without having to dig to the back of a storage area.

We also have been using Lock-N-Locks to keep things fresh.  We love these things and first read about them from Caroline on the  She swore by them and we have fallen in love with them also.  In the video attached you can see an example of this but we had a lot of sugar on board.  I guess when we needed it we bought some, and then not having any organization meant next time we needed sugar we got more.  Anyway we had sugar in those containers for almost a year and it was still granulated and not one giant rock hard sugar cube, which is what commonly happens on a boat with the humidity, condensation and moisture.    We put as much as we can in these and then items that don't require it or that we go through more often we use other tupperware style containers that we still have around on board.  For things like pasta that we go through often, or rice, etc we may use the other containers.  A great example are pop tarts.  The kids (and Deb) love these and since they are sealed up individually they stay fresh even if the container we store them in is not 100% airtight.

We also found some footage from our first smoothies we made on board.  We really like the Banana Strawberry smoothies in place of breakfast and have really helped us eat a bit healthier too.   The recipe is really pretty simple.  We use our Ninja Blender and blend these up as single servings right in the cups so that everyone can have their own flavor or spin if they want.  This one is just 1 whole banana, 3 or so strawberries and a few ice cubes and milk.  (We often use Soy milk or almond milk to keep them more healthy).  Since I am not eating the large quantities I once did, I also tend to add protein powder as well.  I don't care for the taste as much since they get a little gritty, but it allows me to get about 25 grams of protein in with this light breakfast so I still do it most of the time.

Check out the video below, we spent some time welcoming our new viewers to our youtube channel from France and Italy.  This week was a large increase in subscribers and it was pretty cool to see.  I wanted to take the time to welcome them to our Youtube Channel and the community that is starting to form there.  All fun stuff.   I hope you enjoy the blog, recipe and the video below.  Don't hesitate to share it on social media if you found it useful, enjoyable or you think someone else might

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