5 ways to use Butyl tape to keep the water OUT of your boat

See 5 ways of using Butyl Tape to keep water out of your boat through leaking deck hardware, ports, hatches and all the other places that water seems to find the path into your boat.    

Butyl Tape is a complete is a favorite way to bed deck hardware and ports on Sailing Vessel DreamChaser as well. 
Bedding Port Lights with Butyl Tape
Using Butyl Tape to re-bed the port lights is the best way to keep the water out of your boat.  In short, the crew of Windtraveler come to the same conclusion that most have, and that is that Silicone Sucks and short of certain port material, should almost never be used on a boat.  See how they used Butyl Tape from Compass Marine to bed the ports with step by step photos.

Windtraveler.net - Butyl Tape Blog Post

Bedding Deck Hardware with Butyl Tape
On Dreamchaser, we also use Butyl tape for all of our re-bedding tasks.  In this blog post, we detail out the process on the Anchor Chain covers on the Bow.

SVDreamChaser - Bedding Deck Hardware

Not all Butyl tape is created equal
Dani and Tate try out some Butyl tape from an RV store & a cheap Amazon bargain but after some time realize that not all tape is created equal. They sadly find themselves repeating their efforts, but we can all learn from what they found, read the details at the link below.

Sundowner Sails Again - Not all Butyl is created equal

Don Casey weighs in on his thoughts
Boat US had Don Casey provide a comparison on different sealant solutions for different tasks.  Don also agrees with Butyl Tape, but provides good advise related to not using it where it will be in contact with chemicals

Boat US and Don Casey Review Boat Sealant Solutions

Compass Marine provides detailed steps for Butyl Use
While this is an article from the company that I purchase the Butyl tape from, I felt that it was a very well written and illustrated post that was worth posting here due to how well it was written.  (please note this is a multi-page article so don't forget to go to page 2 and 3 t the link below)

Compass Marine - Illustrated guide to bedding hardware