Visiting Melbourne Australia

It has been busy for me at work and traveling lately.  The latest of this proof is last week when I posted about a trip that had come up for work that was fairly short notice.  It was a great opportunity and I really enjoy what I do and traveling for work.  One of the things that have allowed me to enjoy it as much as I do is that even when I am working hard, I try to take some time to take in some of the local scenery and locations.  This was no different.  First and foremost, I wish I would have been able to extend the trip but the holiday (Easter) and the amount of travel recently had me desiring to be back on the boat with the family more so than taking a holiday away from them.

After working long days, I was able to take a bit of time on the last day there and go see a few sites.  The good news is that Melbourne is a Walking city and I was able to walk around almost all of the city.  I went first to this cool little bar that sits in the middle of the Yarra River and is on one of those small little islands that support the bridge in the middle of the water.  The drinks were good and every seat is a water front view since you can sit on the perimeter facing out.

From here I walked over to this kind of cool area call the artistic laneways of Melbourne.  They are not just in one place, but rather it is in several part of the city where the allow artists to pain the walls like graffiti, but more artistic than street punk.

The General Manager of our office in Australia mentioned this to me as a cool place to take photos.  I went down Swanston Street in Melbourne which is one of the main roads.  There were a ton of people on the street and it was very safe and great for people watching.  There were a lot of stores and places to grab a bite to eat so I was able to get a drink and just sit and watch the people go by which is always entertaining for me.
From here I walked past this beautiful church (See the video below for some footage of this walk) and then went down Hoiser Street which is where the art work starts.  I did see a girl on the street and asked her if I could film her.  She said I could but to not film her face, which I get.  That makes sense.

I then walked around federation square as well.  All in all it was a great visit and I wish I would have been able to see more of the city and also be able to see the "outback".

I did end up picking up some Kangaroo Jerky to bring home.  It was really good, but felt weird to eat what we see as a cute little animal here in the states since we only see them in zoos.

I must have walked about 15 miles this day back and forth in the city.  I got a bit of footage that I put in the video below for reference rather than filling the blog with a lot of pictures.

With that...

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