Exterior Projects

Make your Teak Deck look great again without Chemicals

I went over to West Marine to look at the 2 step teak cleaning systems but in the end opted to go with the old school salty mariners way of cleaning the decks. That is tried and true sea water only. Typically you would either use your salt water wash down system or the old bucket method, just spill salt water on the deck, using a deck brush scrub against the grain of the teak, then rinse.

Re-Bedding Hardware on your teak deck

This video shows what we believe to be the best way to bed or re-bed hardware on a teak deck (or any other kind of deck for that matter). We have tried a few different things over the years including BoatLife Polysulphide sealers, but have found this to be the best method. It lasts a long time while remaining flexible as well as the fact that it is reasonably easy to use and clean up.