Interior Projects

Making Curtains for the Upper Salon and Galley

On the Formosa 51, there are fairly large fixed ports in the upper salon/galley area.  For a variety of reasons we wanted to have some curtains put up.  We are big fans of "Peek a boo Shutters" however, felt these ports were too large for those to look good.  Deb found some material with a nice nautical print and made curtains.  This video shows how to do the same for yourself.

Upgrading the manual head to an Electric Flushing Head

For anyone that that has leaned over the head and had to "pump" the handle to flush knows that it is not the most pleasant moment of your day.  Deb and I have have been really pleased with our Raritan Elegance electric flushing head on our previous boat, and upgraded Dream Chaser with the same.